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Applewood Centers, Inc. is a private, 501c3 non-profit agency created in 1997 through the merger of two child-serving agencies: Children's Services (started in 1945) and The Guidance Centers (founded in 1924). Children's Aid Society, established in 1865 as Cleveland's first charity and public school, merged with Applewood Centers in 2004. The agency has a long history of helping children in the Greater Cleveland area.

1832 Sarah Van Tyne starts the first free school in Cleveland and the first charity. It is a predecessor to Children's Aid Society.
1865 The Children's Aid Society receives its charter, enrolling 600 children with a daily attendance of 75.
1876 The Cleveland Humane Society, a predecessor to Children's Services, is established to serve both children and animals.
1887 The Jones Home for Children is established. It is intended to care for orphaned and friendless children.
1924 The Demonstration Child Guidance Clinic, predecessor to the Cleveland Guidance Center, is established.
1945 Children's Services is established.
1966 The Jones Home for Children and Children's Services merge. Cleveland Guidance Center changes its name to the Child Guidance Center.
1982 The School on Magnolia, founded in 1970 as The Friends School, merges with the Child Guidance Center.
1984 The School on Magnolia is renamed the Eleanor Gerson School, in honor of a major benefactor.
1997 Children's Services merges with The Guidance Centers, formerly Child Guidance Centers, to become Applewood Centers.
2001 Children's Aid Society affiliates with Applewood Centers.
2004 Children's Aid Society merges with Applewood Centers.
2008 Applewood Centers affiliates with Wingspan Care Group, an administrative oversight company. Wingspan partner agencies include Bellefaire JCB and Monarch Teaching Technologies, a spin-off for-profit technology company that produces educational software for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.