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Early Childhood Mental Health


At Applewood Centers, we know that early intervention with children and families is critical for healthy development emotionally, socially and academically. Our experience shows that infants and toddlers can benefit from mental health intervention. This in-home program works with parents and caregivers to help build strong and effective parenting skills and aid in the healthy development of their children.

Our Early Childhood Mental Health services are offered to children up to age 6 who are in homes that are experiencing overwhelming stress or have concerns that might affect the parent's or caregiver's ability to parent. Additionally, this program can assist children who are:

  • Victims of domestic violence or other trauma
  • Having sleep difficulties
  • Experiencing attachment difficulties
  • Having any difficult behavior

How the Program Works

Early childhood therapists use play-based interventions to employ the therapeutic techniques needed to address developmental, social/emotional and behavioral problems. A family's involvement in the program can vary based on need, however in general sessions are one day a week for at least 9 months. During the appointment, caregivers are provided with concrete activities and ideas to help promote the child's development. Time will also be spent engaging children in counseling services that address previously identified behavioral health issues.

Children can receive services through this program until they reach age 6. If ongoing services are needed, the family will transition into general counseling services. Caregivers and parents will be linked with other community resources to support and assist in addressing all the family's needs. We can also coordinate our care services with staff at a child's toddler or pre-school program.

Counseling appointments are held primarily in your home, however you can also schedule sessions at Applewood Centers. Evening sessions can be provided.

Contact Us

To make a referral or obtain additional information about how Early Childhood Mental Health services might be beneficial for a youth you know, please call us at the following number. Our professionals will talk with you confidentially about your concerns and determine if this program would be a good fit. All consulation services are provided free of charge using ADAMHS Board and Invest in Children funding. Treatment services are billed to Mediciad, private insurance and some limited public funding.


To download a brochure about Applewood Centers Early Childhood Mental Health program click here.