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Family Preservation Team

Applewood Centers Family Preservation Team has three programs aimed at assisting families who have a child or teen who is reunifying from an out-of-home placement, are experiencing conflict between a teen and caregiver, or who need immediate assistance in de-escalating crises.

All services use a community-based or wrap-around approach to help caregivers link with support services in the community. Depending on each family's unique situation, we will work with a caregiver to identify areas in which support is most needed and link you to resources in the community. These might include preparing for employment, securing safe childcare, or increasing parenting, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Reunification Services

The reunification program supports children and teens who are leaving a residential setting or foster home and reunifying with their family. The goal is to stabilize the family, eliminate abuse and neglect, and avoid the need for placing that youth outside the home. Family members work with our team to identify their own strengths and develop ways to solve their problems. Families will also receive guidance in managing child-rearing and social and economic issues.

Parent-Teen Conflict Services

Our Parent-Teen Conflict Services are offered to teens ages 13 and older who have a variety of issues including delinquency, violence, involved with a gang, or having problems with drugs and alcohol. Family members may also have substance abuse issues or problems with emotions, marriage or employment. Teens and families must have a willingness to participate in the program. Goals of the program include:

  • Reduce crisis and violence
  • Increase the problem-solving and crisis resolution skills of all family members
  • Avoid the need for placing a child or teen outside the home

Reunification and Parent-Teen Conflict Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offered for a total of 40 hours (approximately 5 hours a week for an 8-week period).

Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-Home Services provides families with immediate intervention to de-escalate family crises. Through hands-on, soft services coupled with therapeutic interventions, this program aims to help reduce the risk of abuse or neglect and assist the family with developing problem solving skills and improving family functioning.

Services are typically offered in the home, but can also occur in a community setting. Intensive In-Home Services are offered for a total of 50 hours (approximately 10 hours per week). In certain instances services can be extended in both hours and duration.