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Foster Care in Cleveland


Becoming a foster parent is a very special decision to make. Applewood Centers has been dedicated to the care of children since 1886 and we take pride in providing the tools and support to help our foster parents become successful caregivers for children and teens during their time of need. Homes are needed to care for children of all ages, sibling groups and those with behavioral/mental health needs.

Becoming a foster parent is not a job, it is community outreach. Unfortunately, children arrive into our care as a result of many issues including, but not limited, neglect, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) or an unsafe environment. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding why they have come into care, these are still children in need of a community's care. These children are in need of people, such as yourself, to "show you care" by becoming a foster parent. To print information on our program click here.

What Are The Steps To Becoming a Foster Parent?

Contact Naeome Harris, Applewood Centers Foster Care Recruitment Specialist at 216-696-6815.

  • Schedule an appointment for orientation.
  • Fill out an application and complete a background check.
  • Participate in Home Study interviews (conversations designed to get to know you and your family better).
  • Attend 40 hours of trauma-focused parental training classes.  

Can I Be a Respite Foster Parent?

Yes, a respite foster parent is a licensed foster parent who only takes part-time or emergency placements. The process is the same however instead of being on a full-time resource families list, you will be on a respite resource families list. Foster parents need a break too, therefore, if you would like to help out in this manner it is needed as well. 

Can I Become a Foster Parent?

Below is an overview of the requirements. To review the specific requirements of the state of Ohio, please read Rule 5101:2-7-2 -General Requirements for Foster Caregivers and Applicants.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age, in good health, and maintain sufficient income to meet the needs of your household
  • May be single or married
  • Can live in a home or apartment (own or rent)
  • Must pass a criminal background check (needed for all adults in the household)
  • Must have sufficient bedroom space (at least 2 bedrooms)
  • Must have reliable transportation

Are Foster Parents Paid?

Foster parents receive a monthly stipend that is used for the care of the foster child. This care includes needs such as food, clothing, shoes, school fees, day care/after school programs, and other activities. Depending on the age and developmental level of the child, a stipend may also be given to the child for allowance.

What If I Already Have Children?

Yes, people who have children are allowed to become foster parents. During the homestudy process you, your Assessor, and your child(ren) will discuss the characteristics of a foster care child that would be compatible with your family, lifestyle and home configuration. Based on the needs, age, and developmental stage of your children and the foster care child, it may be possible that a bedroom can be shared.  

Can I Adopt A Child Who I Have Been Providing A Foster Home?

Foster care is a temporary placement of a youth in order to allow the biological parents time to fix the problem(s) that caused their child(ren) to be placed in foster care. However, reunification with family is not always possible. In these cases, children may be adopted. Many Applewood Centers foster parents have adopted children who were previously foster care children in their homes.

What Happens When They Go Home To Their Parents?

During foster placements, children have opportunities to visit with their biological families and have telephone contact. These encounters give foster parents the chance to interact with biological parents, become resources for them, and form positive working relationships. Therefore, sometimes, when youth are reunified with the biological parents, the foster parents remain in their lives. However, when this is not possible, foster parents have the realization that their actions helped keep a family intact and taught the child skills that will last a lifetime.

If you have a question, comment, or would like contact the foster care team, please fill out our Foster Care Inquiry form.

To download a brochure about Applewood Centers Foster Care and Adoption program click here.