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Kazdin's Parent Management Training



Parent Management Training is an evidence-based set of interventions developed by the Yale Parenting Center that involve teaching and coaching parents on how to modify children’s problem behaviors. The goal of the program is to improve parent-child interaction while decreasing problematic behaviors.

The strategies parents learn revolve around the use of positive reinforcement, antecedents, practice, and problem solving. The treatment greatly improves pro-social behavior as well as decreases children’s oppositional and aggressive behavior.

This program can be effective with youth of all ages who are exhibiting a variety of difficult behaviors including:

  • Following directions
  • Talking back
  • Temper tantrums
  • Completing homework
  • School behavior problems
  • Cursing
  • Truancy
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Aggressive acts

How the Program Works

Parent Management Training is among the most researched therapy for childhood behavior problems. At Applewood Centers, our  therapists are professionally trained in the Kazdin’s MethodSM because of the unique features and proven 78% success rate. Over the past 30 years, Yale Parenting Center has developed this method to be multi-faceted. It is effective in changing child and teen behavior at home, school, and in other everyday settings.

Key characteristics that make this program different from other behavioral programs include:

  • Based on science
  • Simple strategies
  • Use of positive reinforcement as rewards
  • Effective use punishment—how to use it, when to use it, and the dangers of relying on punishment alone
  • Learning how positive parent and child actions can be more successful than reasoning with words
  • Skill-based program provides parents with skills and empowerment to create the changes in behavior
  • Treatment can be individualized to your situation, needs, and goals

Using the child and family strengths, Applewood Centers therapists work closely with parents to teach and implement skills that will result in improved behavior. After parents learn and practice the basics of Parent Management Training, interventions are implemented in the home. During follow-up sessions, parents review their efforts and receive further coaching as needed from their therapist.


Contact Us

To make a referral or obtain additional information about how Kazdin’s Parent Management Training might be beneficial for a youth you know, please call us at the following number. Our professionals will talk with you confidentially about your concerns and determine if this program would be a good fit.

Applewood Centers currently only offers Parent Management Training in Lorain County.

Reach Us At  440-324-1300 

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